Billions X
Corporate group. Creating trends.

As global experts in product management, we help companies in various industries to become more attractive, efficient and competitive in the marketplace. In addition, we create and invest in our own promising products that have already been tested. You can check them out below.

Professionally project and design the meaning of business products and create top-notch websites. Incredible cases. Producers, stars and media celebrities. States and billion-dollar companies.
Billions Business
Wrap businesses, products, digital identities and brands in a cool and stylish way.
Billions Truck
Invest 300,000 € in logistics trucks and get a stable fixed net income of 10,000 € per month on autopilot. And after 2.5 years, you will also return the entire amount of the investment, when the tracks work out and we sell them.
A European logistics company with a remarkable investment proposition.
Billions Bank
Banking Metaverse. Crypto and Fiat. It's real.
Cryptocurrency is around the world. There are already crypto-giants, crypto-payments, crypto-exchanges. Nevertheless, this topic is still closed to millions. We have professionally designed a metaverse to handle cryptocurrency like a regular bank functions. Moreover, we are entering a new round of investing.
Billions Work
Full-service labor agency. Search, legalization, subcontracting, general contracting and leasing of employees in the EU.
Our base in the EU labor market is more than 18,000 employees. We will select as many workers as your company needs. In addition, we do it quickly — the speed of staffing an entire work team is 14 days.